Sahil Sharma

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Sahil is the lead architect of some of our important game technology is Sahil Sharma.  Sahil is a recent graduate with Master of Engineering degree in Cybersecurity. He worked as…

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Curtis Ellison Jr., Undergraduate

Curtis Ellison Jr. Professional Interests: Information Science, Programming, Data "I have an huge interest in gaming. When I heard from Professor Piety about a project that researches games, I was sold.…

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Jhonny Gutierrez, Undergraduate

Jhonny Gutierrez Jhonny Gutierrez is an Undergraduate student at UMD studying Information Science. Mr. Gutierrez will be involved with the Community Model Design/Authoring team and the Classroom Experience Design team.…

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Allison Siegel, Undergraduate

Allison Siegel Allison Siegel is a junior studying Economics and Information Science at UMD. Ms. Siegel is involved with the communications team, Expert Research team, and Learning Analytics team. Her…

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