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Bronze Falls is a city of 53, 626 upstate residents of Bronze County, in a piedmont region somewhere in middle America. Located on the Bronze River, which flows south towards the West River, which empties into the Minnepawau River, the largest tributary of the Gulf of Des Perre.


Incorporated in 1836 in an agricultural region of mostly wheat and dairy, Bronze Falls began as a small mill town, near a grist mill operated by the family of Joseph Schultz. It slowly developed a textile industry, a factory presence that peaked in the mid-20 th Century, but went into decline until the last of the factories closed in the 1980s.


Bronze Falls rebranded itself as a small college town with an arts community. It prides itself as a diverse community. Today, Bronze Falls is 60% white, 20% African American, 10% Latinx, 5% Asian American, and the remaining 5% a mixture of others. Reflecting that diversity, Bronze Falls has many denominations of churches, a synagogue, and a mosque.

Media and Culture

The Bronze Falls Gazette, long the city’s leading daily newspaper, is now a weekly publication with an online presence, part of the Goode Scrapp chain, now owned by Media Ventures, much to local readers dismay. The city boasts two local radio stations; KINX, a Mutual Broadcasting Company (MBC) affiliate that airs mostly national talk radio, with a small local staff, and KBF, the local NPR affiliate associated with the State University at Bronze Falls (SUBF).

Public Infrastructure (Utilities)

Water for the city is managed by the Bronze Falls Water Authority (BFWA), with water drawn from the Bronze, out of the Frederick Bronze Reservoir (known to most locals as “the Res”, but by many teens as “Freddie’s Lake”), located just north of town.

Electricity is managed by Burns Energy (which purchased the Bronze Falls Electric Company in 1999). Most of the energy is generated by the West Valley Hydroelectric Dam, located on the West River, but supported by a regional grid that is a mixture of coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear). Bronze Falls is developing its own regional green energy;

Imperial Gas supplies gas for natural gas power plants, and residential heating, hot water and cooking for residents of Bronze Falls since the 1930s, ramping up the market share following deregulation in 1978, and the move from coal and oil in the 1980s. Corporate headquarters in Cromwell, 90 miles east of Bronze Falls. Has underground pipelines throughout the region.

C4Myles.Com provides phone, cable and internet services for most of Bronze Falls, due to an exclusive contract negotiated with the City. Bronze Falls Telephone was purchased by Bell Telephone in the 80s,
which was then acquired my Myles Communication in the 90s before its merger with C4.COM in 2006.


State University at Bronze Falls Begun as Bronze Falls College in 1920, with funding and land given by local leaders, State University at Bronze Falls became part of the State University System in 1988.


Bronze Falls Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed hospital, which provides a full range of inpatient and outpatient services to Bronze Falls and surrounding rural areas. The hospital was dedicated in 1951 as a tribute to veterans in both world wars and to serve the needs of the city of Bronze Falls and its surrounding areas. Hospital located near the downtown intersection of Market and Main. The hospital is managed by Catholic Hospitals of America (CHA), whose regional offices are also located in the downtown area. CHA operates three community clinics in River Bottom, Lonesome Heights, and Western Addition, with services and providers in each.

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